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Being human is not always easy. The sky is a beautiful metaphor for life as both are constantly changing, sometimes in sudden and unwanted ways. At the same time, we can be awestruck by a spectacular sunset or a rainbow after a storm. The same is true for our lives, though acknowledging this truth is not always easy. We want the sun to always shine and there to never be any rain on our parades. We want to always be happy and to never experience any sadness, pain or change.  


When sudden, unwanted or unexpected changes occur, there can be a strong tendency to want to disconnect, numb out or completely avoid the moment. What if instead, we learned to curiously pay attention to the moment? What if instead, we cultivated the ability to be with whatever arises from moment to moment? What if instead, we learned to practice mindfulness?  


We do not practice mindfulness in order to escape from our lives. We practice mindfulness so that we can relate to our experience in a different way and to embrace who we are … completely, non-judgmentally, with compassion ... to awaken to our lives.


You’re invited to explore all the information available on the website. Questions and comments are always welcome. 

About Us

Prairie Centre for Mindfulness (PCFM) is located in the heart of Regina, Saskatchewan, a vibrant prairie city that is home to almost 250,000 people. PCFM was formed to create a meeting place for skillful teachers of mindfulness to connect with individuals, organizations, schools and businesses interested in learning about the practice of mindfulness. As well, PCFM serves as a place where professionals will meet to build a community based on best practices regarding mindfulness-based interventions. The opportunities are endless. 


In recent years, the term mindfulness has become a media buzz-word, which has stimulated high levels of interest in the concept and practice. Ironically, the practice of mindfulness is far from new. The relentless demands on our attention, and the apparent status that comes from being busy, contribute to a sense of mindless disconnection from ourselves and others. Our innate longing to “come home” to ourselves … to reclaim our lives … to simply relish in rich and meaningful moments … is becoming increasingly sensed and acknowledged.


PCFM offers a wide range of options for individuals, organizations and corporations interested in reclaiming what it means to be fully alive.


Awaken to Your Life



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It is acknowledged that we are on Treaty 4 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis Nation. We respect and honour the Treaties.

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