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September 2, 2017

Are you curious to learn about mindfulness and why it has exploded in popularity? Have you heard about the internationally-acclaimed eight week course called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)? Reserve your spot in one of two complimentary orientation sessions this fall ... Sunday September 17th or Sunday October 1st ... 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Yoga Mala.

Book your spot online at (under the Register for Events tab). I...

June 13, 2017

Our body breathes for us from the moment of our birth until the time of our passing. It is a constant companion and can skillfully be used as a way to connect mind and body to the present ... to the moment. Yet, in my work as a Registered Psychologist, patterns of breathing (or holding the breath) can contribute to tension, anxiety and discomfort in both mind and body. The attached article contains some most useful information in reclaiming breat...

June 10, 2017

Meditation and other mindfulness practices are not a "magic fix" for everything and everyone. The following article provides a brief overview of when to proceed with caution. Guidance and support from an experienced teacher is always recommended when starting to explore these practices.

June 8, 2017

Here is a link to a wonderful resource for anyone interested in exploring meditation and gentle yoga practices. The audio and video recordings are generously offered by the USCD Center for Mindfulness so you are invited to find one that captures your interest. Bringing curiosity to these practices is encouraged :)

March 5, 2017

Since 2015, Prairie Centre for Mindfulness has helped over 100 people awaken to their lives. We are pleased to offer Spring Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses in 2017.

We are offering MBSR in Carlyle from April 27th - June 15th and MBSR in Regina from April 25th - June 13th.

Classes fill up very quickly so if you're interested in registering, doing so sooner than later is recommended! I look forward to walking together on the path of...

January 8, 2017

Curious about what mindfulness is all about or wanting to learn more about why its popularity is exploding? If so, register today for one of the upcoming eight week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes, which start the week of January 23rd. Give yourself the gift of mindfulness in 2017 and Awaken to Your Life!

Registration deadline is Friday, January 20, 2017.  

Click here to register

October 11, 2016

Snow in October while many trees have yet to shed their leaves. Cloudy skies and chilly winds. That familiar feeling that arises when the days get shorter. Try as we might, there is no stopping the change of seasons so here we are, in that time of transition between summer and winter. Autumn marks the time when nature slows down and settles into a period of letting go ... of allowing what has been to fade away ... of making room for new arrivals...

July 9, 2016

As the lazy days of summer unfold, various crops grow and mature across the prairies. The process of harvesting includes separating the grain from the chaff. It's a beautiful metaphor for the practice of mindfulness, in which we are invited to explore and let go of our own chaff. Perhaps there are habits and patterns that no longer serve us. Ever wonder what might be discovered if we simply became curious about ourselves and this thing called lif...

January 8, 2016

Only a few spots remain for the upcoming Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses that start the week of January 24th (Sundays afternoons or Thursday evenings). Eight weeks ... a total of 27 hours ... the same course that is already being taught around the world! Give yourself the gift of improved health, happiness and transformation. Registration deadline is January 15th so REGISTER TODAY.



December 4, 2015

December. This month can seem like an endless list of planning, shopping, socializing, decorating, baking, eating, drinking, etc. Why not pause ... step out of the hamster wheel of "doing" ... and stop in at the Prairie Centre for Mindfulness for 90 rejuvenating minutes of "being"? If you've heard of mindfulness and are curious to learn how it can bring a sense of ease and well-being to this thing called life, you are invited to join us every Mon...

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